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Gemescool Cards org Uk Id Fake

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Paypal is worlds no.1 online payment gateway.It is beased on e-mail address.We can send or receive money online via paypal by using our e-mail address.Most of online sites use paypal as payment processor.It is a U.S.A based company founded in 1998.Read more about paypal on Has Reeves Us Keanue Saying Constantly “whoa” Thechive.Nowadays many people showing fake paypal payments proofs on their sites or blogs to increase their referrals or site members.Most of people don't know that the payments proof are fake.Today I am going to share a method scammers use to create fake paypal payment proof.Please don't misuse of this trick.We are sharing it just for educational purpose.

Please Note : An updated version of the trick has been posted here. Do check it for 100% working of the trick.

Requirements :

  • Paypal account.
  • Gemescool Cards org Uk Id Fake Atleast one transaction of any amount.

Create Fake Paypal Payment Proof :

  • Go to and login using your e-mail and password.
  • Now you see your paypal balance and your transactios.Open details page of any your transaction.
  • Than right click on that page and click on view source.

Gemescool Cards org Uk Id Fake
  • Now a small pop up with paypal page source code will open up.Click on file button,than save page as.Now save that file with .html extension.

  • Now open the saved file with notepad or any other text editor.
  • Now search and edit the below html code on that file.

  !! Click Here to see The Code !!

    • You can change payment amount,payment email,service phone,service site etc.You can choose any amount or any email whatever you want.
    • That's it now save the file and open it with any of your internet browser.And take the screen shot.Check fake proof created by me below :
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    I hope above article helps you in understanding all about the paypal payment proof scam.So,don't believe on whatever you see.It is a simple trick most of peoples know about that.But they can't understand it.Please don't misuse this trick.And Share your thoughts and feedback below in comments.


    1. As faking screnshots on your own computer is just too easy, people will request shots to be made with a tool like .

    2. Can you send me the html offline file of PayPal Payment Proofs? I don't have any transactions in my account.


    Gemescool Cards org Uk Id Fake

    Gemescool Cards org Uk Id Fake
    Gemescool Cards org Uk Id Fake
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