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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My review of Really Good Fakes

ReallyGoodFakes.com has risen to be the premier ID website on the internet since the fall of ID Chief. And honestly, I think ReallyGoodFakes does a better job than ID Chief ever did. The IDs are super worth the money you are being charged. They black light, scan, bend, and genuinely look like a real New York ID. I have used the ID in a bar, clubs, liquor stores, and restaurants. I have never even been given a funny look about it. These are the real deal. The only downfall about this ID is that it doesnt pass the sand paper test. Valid NY IDs have a sand like texture. However, no one truly uses this test. 99% of people out of state do not even know about the sandy texture of a New York ID, further, it looks so real that no body even truly stops to question it long enough to do the sand test. So, although this is the only real downfall, it isnt a super important aspect of the ID. Ive had my ID scanned multiple times, it works without fail. Ive had it black lighted, same thing. These IDs are awesome. ReallyGoodFakes was going through a lot of delays when I ordered, but let me say that their customer service is amazing considering the services their preforming. They responded to any questions or shipment tracking inquiries that I had within a day. Their ticketing service is very useful and they do not leave you in the dark. Over all, ReallyGoodFakes is a 4.7 out of 5 (5 being a DMV printed ID).

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* the photos I have uploaded are edited slightly to as not reveal my personal info.

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